Study In Germany

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Germany, being one of the pioneers in the technological revolution and scientific innovation is popularly known as ‘the land of ideas’. Germany has become the 3rd most popular study destination among international students in the world. Its glorious past, thriving present, competitive nature, international standards of education and pragmatic approach in the curriculum are the provenance of its endeavour in excelling in giving qualitative education. Furthermore, there are other factors which attract hundreds and thousands of students from different part of the world to study in Germany.

Education in Germany:

Education in Germany is in some aspects more theoretical than in other countries, with professors spending more hours in lectures. At the end of every term the students get grades for their final examination and for speeches, assignments and practical projects. Depending on the subject the composition of these parts can differ. Practical education can also be offered during internships which are an obligation in some subjects.

The process also helps the students to carefully chose the universities by visiting the universities, speaking to the faculty, alumni and current students personally allowing them a first-hand experience in university selection.