Pre-Departure Briefing

The students are introduced to the history, life, culture,and economy of the country along with some etiquettes and socializing skills to dissolve in the environment without any familiarity issues.

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Transitioning from our birth country to a foreign land can be intimidating and overwhelming. Most of the student suffer with the fear of unknown while making arrangements to depart for the welcoming future. Part of this is because of lack of information about the country, city, and university. We hold special counseling and learning sessions for students to help them gain awareness about the life and culture in the country they have chosen for higher studies.

We conduct special classes to help children pack and prepare for their lives in the foreign country and make them aware about the seasons, climate and dress code of the respective countries. It is highly important for a student to know the country to the core in order to lead a comfortable and well-facilitated life away from home.

Often students face problem with packing lists, ticket-bookings, baggage restrictions and more. Our Pre-departure briefing experts makes sure to help students in this respect and ensure their easy transition.