Why choose Canada

Canada, by all means, is a country that attracts a number of immigrants every year. The country boasts a prosperous quality of life and has portrayed an all-round development in past few years. Considering the cultural diversity of the country, Canada appears in the top list of docile countries to settle. There are over 1.3 million Indians residing in Canada and are settled in the urban cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal,and Mississauga. The majority of this population also holds reputable jobs in Canada such as software engineers, tax consultants and more.The foreign education also offers co-operative education and internship opportunities which increases the chance of getting employed for graduate and post graduate students within 6 months of completion of their course. The government of Canada also provide the option to attain a Work Permit in their country and further chances of getting Permanent Residence in their country. Canada is a hub of several reputed colleges and universities. The Canadian Education system pays high emphasis on high quality of education and offers a variety of courses. You can choose from a long-term or a short-term course in your desired field. The renowned universities here include University of Alberta, University of British Columbia, McGill and McMaster. These universities hold high ranking and are included in the top 150 universities of the world. You can choose the best colleges as per your educational preferences. The colleges here are divided into 4 categories; Technical and Career Colleges, Community Colleges, University Colleges, and Research Universities. The lingua franca of the country is English and there are number of students of Indian origin who are already receiving education at some of the reputed universities here.Sparkzo consultancy ensures you a path to be the best version of yourself and a chance to broaden your education and explore cultural diversity. Apply for our services to fulfil your Canadian Dreams.

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